Welcome to the world of ESEM Gems

ESEM Gems is a brand that offers a refined sensibility of design with an enhanced experience of buying fine jewels. With uncompromising standards of craftsmanship, use of the finest materials and a founding philosophy of highest ethical standards, ESEM appeals to the constantly evolving woman of today who seeks classic and timeless jewels. Jewels that are not very complicated or dictated by a trend. Jewels that reflect a hint of contemporary to make it relevant today.

Our aim is for the creativity, happiness and Indian flair of each piece to shine through the design. We believe jewellery is for everyday and all occasions. A special piece of jewellery has the power to transform a look and the mood of the wearer, and our jewellery is created with every woman of every age in mind.


"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

As a business, as an individual, and as a member of community, i am deeply influenced by the circle of life and have pledged to do my bit with conscious efforts toward a fairer world. As part of this vision, i have partnered with "Smile Foundation" that offers opportunities to brilliant but underprivileged children in India who are held back from realizing their potential because of societal and economic shackles.



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